ost is not an outlook data file error

.OST is Not an Outlook Data File Error- Learn How to Fix Easily

In today’s era, the Microsoft Outlook application plays a vital role in managing users email data. This application is widely used by the top companies for email communication. This email client stores the data in two file formats which are OST and PST. These two files are similar in structure but both the file but both the files are used for different purposes. Outlook PST file is for actual storage and OST files are for used for cache storage. But sometimes this Outlook application various types of errors. “.ost is not an outlook data file error file” error is among one of them.

In this article, I am going to discuss Outlook 2016 error OST is not an outlook data file. And its possible workarounds to resolve this issue. We will discuss both the manual and automated solution to this problem. Before proceeding to the solution part lets us know the causes of this error.

Factors That Become the Reasons For “.OST is Not an Outlook Data File Error”

The main reason why the user has to face this error is Outlook application doesn’t get recognize or synchronize with the server. Some of the common reasons for this error are given below.

1. Synchronization problem with Outlook application and Exchange server.
2. Due to corruption or damaged OST file.
3. Because of Virus and other malware infection.
4. Abruptly or forcefully termination of MS Outlook application.

If you are facing this problem while opening the OST file, so to resolve this issue you need to know the default location of OST file,

C:\Users\user\name\appdata\local\Microsoft\user name\username.ost

Manual Method to Resolve Outlook Error OST is Not an Outlook Data File

The manual process to resolve this issue is a very difficult and time-consuming process, Before performing this manual method the users must ensure they keep a copy of their OST file. Here are the steps to resolve this issue.

1. First, the user has to go to Control Panel and choose “Mail
2. Then in mail setup dialogue box “Click on show profiles” and choose your Outlook profile.
3. Now choose Properties>>Email>>Exchange.
4. Click on change and choose “use cached exchange mode” checkbox.
5. Then go to more settings>>advanced>>offline folder file.
6. Now the user has to go to settings and press “disable offline” and then press “yes”.
7. Again open offline folder file setting then click on OK.
8. After that click on Next and then press Yes.
9. Now go to cached Exchange mode and choose the checkbox “ use cached exchange mode” and then click OK.
10. then Finally click on Next>>Finish>>press close.

Automated Solution to Resolve “.OST is Not an Outlook Data File Error

The manual solution to solve this problem is a tedious task. In order to fix this issue, the user can take the help of Exchange OST Recovery software. By using this software the user can easily export the data in PST file format. Also in case of OST file is corrupted/orphaned then the user can use this software. It is an extraordinary and easy to use application for non-technical as well for novice users. After exporting the data the data in PST file format the user can easily import the data in Outlook application. For this, the user can use the import/export feature of MS Outlook application.

Final Verdict

“.ost is not an Outlook data file error” is the most common error faced by Outlook users. So in this article, we have given the reasons for this problem. Also to resolve this issue we have given the manual and automated solution of this problem. The manual method has lots of limitations, So to overcome all these limitations the user can try the Exchange OST recovery software.

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