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Digital Trainee is a digital marketing institute in Mumbai, India. The institute provides practical digital marketing courses. Anyone can apply for these courses; they may be business owners, job seekers or professionals. Maybe, its practice to focus more on practical knowledge makes it the best in the industry.

According to the student review, the company stands out to be the best in Pune. The core purpose of this course is to help the students achieve the best of the best knowledge in digital marketing.

Why is digital trainee number one in providing digital marketing courses in Pune


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There is not just one reason that makes digital trainee unique and the most trending digital marketing institution if Pune. If you want to know why is it so, you need to dive into a pool of topics so let’s get started!

1.    They themselves stand on rank 1 on Google search results rankings

Do you ever scroll to the second or third page when you perform any Google search? In most of the cases and at most of the times; No. According to the researches it has been found that people only go and visit the first seven sites whenever they perform a Google search. Hey! You do the same thing right? Well this fact in itself gives you an idea about how important and prestigious it is to stand on rank 1 in Google search rankings. This achievement is not by luck obviously.

The people at Digital Trainee don’t just work hard but smart too. They keep themselves updated with new search techniques and Algorithms that Google uses for its searches. This helps them to preserve their position 1. Now you yourself can think that a place and company that experiments all the digital marketing techniques that they are going to teach you, on themselves first; how great would be you learning experience with such a brand!

2.    Holds Rank 1 in Pune as a company to have its own mobile application (app)

Now days all of us have real smartphones and we prefer to do a lot of task through our cell phones itself. Opening a pc or a laptop takes time and can’t be done anywhere. Pcs can’t be transported and laptops can’t be used everywhere. Suppose you are traveling in the local train. In such a situation it is easy for you to handle a mobile but not a laptop.

Keeping in mind such scenarios, Digital Trainee has developed their own mobile app. This app facilitates their students to study any where. This mobile application is specially designed for the candidates of Digital Trainee in order to boost their confidence. It is available on Google Play Store for free of cost.

3.    According to Google reviews, it is doing an amazing work

How many of you check Google reviews if you don’t know about a place, company or service? Well I do this all the time and most probably you too do the same. In today’s time Google review decides the future of a company. A negative review can really put your name to the negative side.

Also, there is one interesting point to notice here that people generally do not share their positive experiences on Google but negative experiences are highly shared. If a company has a star rating on Google reviews below 4.0 – 4.5, we do not consider it worth our level. Even in such tough times of hard competition Digital Trainee has more than 150 reviews on Google and holds a five-star rating. This definitely shows that they are one of the best digital marketing institutions in and around Pune.

4.    Their main focus is on practical knowledge

The learnings that we absorb during our college days or from any institute sometimes prove to be useless except the certificate. This can be summarised as you spent all your huge sum of money just for a certificate.

Even after the certificate, there is no guarantee of whether you will get a job or not and whether you will be able to maintain the job and expectations of your boss or not. This is because there is a big big big difference in how the industry works and how we are taught to handle the stuff we are taught. In today’s time, it is very important that educational institutions teach their students in such a way that when they go and work in the industry they don’t feel alienated and puzzled.

Keeping this point in mind Digital Trainee offers its candidates practical knowledge through projects. To give more intensity to this point they have a policy of giving the free Domain name to each and every candidate of its institution. This means that by the end of your course, you will have a website running online! Is not that cool! To make it look cooler to you I must tell you that no other company in Pune is doing such stuff.

5.    The work of a candidate is showcased on their website

It is a rule of nature that when we both create and consume we feel better and self-motivated. If you just keep creating stuff but do not consume anything i.e., you get no chance to showcase it, you will never be motivated to do more work. On the other hand, when your work gets showcased, you are charged up and ready to accept both negative and positive feedback from people and critics.

Happens with you too right? Digital Trainee has also kept this fact in mind and they allow their candidates to showcase their work on Digital Trainee’s website. It encourages the candidates to work more and learn more. No other institute in Pune has taken such step yet.

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