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Best Ever Guide for Biceps Workout

Training rules for the rapid growth of biceps muscles: why is the exercise technique more important than the working weight? What exercises are better – with dumbbells or with a barbell?

Training for the growth of arm muscles

The main mistake in training the biceps, which hinders the growth of arm muscles, is the execution of many exercises with heavy weight and terrifying technique. If you want to pump up your biceps quickly, just a few practical exercises with a barbell or dumbbells are enough – but you need to perform these exercises with full mental control.

It should also be noted that the training of the biceps merely is impossible without a comprehensive study of the rest of the musculature of the arms and upper part of the body – in simple words, it is impossible to pump up the muscles of the arms without training the rest of the body. The reason lays in the fact that polyarticular basic exercises affect the hormones, increasing testosterone levels.

Anatomy of the biceps muscles

The biceps, or biceps muscle of the shoulder, is the most visible and voluminous muscle of the arm. From the anatomical point of view, the proximal part of the biceps consists of two heads – long and short, which determines its “humped” shape. The biceps flexes the shoulder at the shoulder and forearm at the elbow, and its primary function is to draw traction.

Involvement of the biceps in the muscles is always associated with the work of other muscles – from the triceps to the muscles of the shoulder and back. That is why the pumping of the biceps necessarily implies the strengthening of the muscles of the forearms, triceps, and deltas – otherwise, you just cannot technically perform the exercises for biceps with heavy weight.

Top Biceps Exercise

Bending your arms with dumbbells or standing barbell lifts are classic exercises to increase your biceps weight. However, it should be noted that in these exercises the ideally correct technique of performance and the conscious involvement of the muscles in work are crucial, and not at all the use of maximum weight or a huge number of repetitions.

This requirement is also relevant for other effective exercises for biceps – including, for bending the arms with a barbell or dumbbells on the Scott bench. These exercises provide isolation of the biceps and increase blood flow in the muscle, being ideal tools for pumping and supersets at the end of the workout – however, they should be performed precisely due to the strength of the biceps.

How to pump biceps at home?

Unfortunately, if in the home gym arsenal there is no barbell, heavy dumbbells and an inclined bench, then you will hardly be able to conduct an effective biceps workout. Light dumbbells and exercises with body weight can bring the result in the form of biceps growth only to untrained beginners and girls.

Despite the fact that training with the help of pull-ups with a reverse grip on a horizontal bar is capable of providing a certain increase and increase in the muscles of the arms, you will quickly reach the physical limit, after which you will need full-fledged training equipment – that is, a real barbell or heavy dumbbells, without which it is simply impossible pump your biceps.

Biceps dumbbells or barbell?

The popular habit of training biceps at the end of a workout is also erroneous – biceps strength exercises performed with a barbell are recommended rather at the beginning of a workout. In this case, you have the opportunity to carry them out with a larger working weight, providing a full-fledged start of the processes of growth of the muscles of the hands.

In turn, dumbbells are useful for performing various insulating biceps exercises and training to increase its relief. Besides, dumbbells allow you to concentrate on the technique of doing the exercise, the feeling of muscle work and the development of neuromuscular communication – which is crucial when training the biceps.

Biceps training program

Often, athletes note that their biceps, having gained a certain amount, cease to “grow” even with a constant increase in working weights and the use of numerous isolating exercises. In this case, the training program based on complex supersets will help, giving the biceps a powerful impetus for a shift in growth:

  • Lifting the barbell for biceps – 10 repetitions.
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps standing – 10 repetitions.
  • Bending the EZ-bars on the Scott bench – 10 repetitions.

These exercises for biceps are performed without interruption, one after the other, a total of 4 approaches. The break between approaches (that is, to complete all three exercises) is approximately 30 seconds. Separately, we note that it is not recommended to add other exercises to this program or perform this kind of training more often than once or twice a month. To add more charm into your muscles, you can try using HGH as well. You’ll find the premium quality hgh injections for sale online.

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