4 Of The World’s Best Food Cities

1. Oaxaca, Mexico

Mole, Mezcal and some of the most vibrant food markets in the world await in Oaxaca. Don’t miss the squash blossom quesadillas from local street vendors.

Photo: Song of the Road
Photo: Roaming Around the World
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2. Osaka, Japan

A quick bullet train from Tokyo and you’ll find world class snow crab, seafood pancakes and bubbling bowls of Ramen.

Photo: The City Lane
Photo: Yina Goes

3. San Sebastian, Spain

Stroll the narrow alleyways and knock back pintxos, local cider and impeccably cured acorn-fed ham.

Photo: The London Foodie
Photo: Don Serapio

4. Lyon, France

The food capital of one of the world’s great food capitals. Old school French excess reigns supreme with row after row of terrines, torchon and fragrant cheeses.

Photo: Pick Up The Fork
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